Lifestyle and Disease

“Take care of your body. It’s the only place you have to live.”

-Jim Rohn

As medical providers we are consulted to help with conditions that affect our health.  We take a history of symptoms and we come up with a diagnosis.  We name the condition, such as diabetes or hypertension and we come up with a plan to treat the condition.  We “name it” and then “tame it”.  Various medical providers in our busy healthcare landscape don’t have the time so they resort to the easy treatment- medication.  Many patients who also don’t have the time are ok to treat the condition with medication.

Our bodies are quite miraculous, they have the ability to heal if we just give them the right building blocks.  It’s when our systems are out of balance that problems arise.

Proper diet, sleep, elimination, movement and stress relief are the vital foundations to good health and vitality.  Lack one or more of these and we often wonder why we don’t feel well.  Many times we meet with patients and the answer is so simple but the implementation can be quite difficult.

If you are sick and tired of being sick and tired, take an inventory of these things:

1.  Diet- Are you putting things into your body that it’s not equipped to handle long term like processed foods and sugar?

2. Sleep- Are you feeling well rested in the morning with 7-8 hours of sleep or are you      getting by with 4-5 hours and loading yourself up with caffeine and sugar to keep        yourself awake?

3. Elimination- Do you have bowel movements at least 6-7 times/wk?  Do you effectively sweat?  How do you shed your toxins?

4. Movement-  Are you getting up and using your God given ability to move?  Evolutionarily we weren’t meant to sit in front of a computer for 6+hours of our day, jump in our car and commute 1-2 hrs+, eat dinner and then lounge in front of our TV’s and fall asleep.

5. Stress-  Our stress hormones are not meant to be at high levels throughout the day.  .  Many of us are releasing cortisol and adrenaline at the same levels as if we were being chased by a bear all day.

Sometimes we are on fire and it’s not obvious to us unless someone points it out.  We as providers can’t put out the fire, it’s up to our patients to take the proper steps to extinguish this inflammation.

Our Philosophy

We seek to promote wellness and vitality for patients through a Holistic approach. Rather than reaching for a prescription during a short visit, our focus is on taking the time in helping to make changes in lifestyle which will address the core reasons for poor health. By having people buy into the fact that our choices and environment impact our wellbeing, we establish a partnership in implementing solutions together. We have established a practice where patients can come for counsel and guidance.





Lifestyle and Disease

Weight Loss



A few years ago a patient asked me why I didn’t do a Medically Supervised weight loss program.  She had issues with chronic disease due to excess weight and was tired of taking another pill.  She had progressed far enough that she had lost hope with lifestyle changes to achieve the weight loss goals she needed.

I did research into many programs and found the Optifast program to be among the best.  Most people who look into weight loss programs have done various other programs and they know how to eat but just like my patient, had progressed far enough that they needed a “jump start”.

Proper weight loss has to do with subtle changes and new habits have to develop.  We all realize when we start something we want results, “right away”.  Often, after a week of initiating a new lifestyle program, people get discouraged after losing “only a pound or two”.

With the Jumpstart Program, we are asking patients to take a “vacation”  from food.

The simplicity of the program:

–  Every 3 hours you drink a delicious shake or soup.

–  No thought goes into, “what’s for lunch or dinner?” (very liberating)

-Weekly check in with a provider which comes with encouragement and education.

-Exercise is limited the first week and then can fully resume for the rest of the program.

-Average weight loss over 4 weeks is 15-20 lbs.

-After 2 weeks most patients are energized and can’t believe how well they feel.

-“Medically Significant” weight loss — as low as 5% to 10% of your total weight — can have a measurable positive impact on your health.  Many people can come off some or most of their medication

– With the “jumpstart”, patients are motivated to continue with positive lifestyle changes even after finishing the program.

In order to make positive changes in your health, this is a great first step.  Join us for the Jumpstart Program!



Weight Loss

“Rising and blooming above the murk to achieve enlightenment”


The Lotus flower has strong symbolism within Buddhism.  The flower grows in muddy water and rises and blooms above to give us the opportunity to experience it’s beauty.  We are all looking for some form of enlightenment but are often so surrounded by the noise of a hectic existence we lose sight of the beauty within us.

We often see patients who come in and tell us they don’t feel well,  they don’t have the energy or vitality they feel they should have.  Rather than reaching for a pill, we sit and talk about what’s going on in the patient’s life.  We try and deconstruct the patient’s day to day activity to find out what could be causing the problem.  Asking questions like how is your:  sleep? stress level? diet and eating habits? activity level?  Most times we find that our chaotic schedules don’t allow us to be objective regarding what is truly going on with us.  My purpose as a physician is to help my patients rise above the “murk” and help them to be healthy so they have the energy and vitality to be their best.

“Rising and blooming above the murk to achieve enlightenment”



Our bodies are miraculous.  We have so many trillions and trillions of processes going through our bodies at any one given second.  Genes are being transcribed (read), proteins are made and the wonder that is us is able to go about our daily lives.  We have evolved in many hundreds of thousands of years to be able to adapt to our environment.  We were first hunters and gatherers. We then domesticated our plants and animals and now we mass produce our food supply.  This mass production has only been the norm for the the past 100 or so years.  Given that we have evolved and adapted over so long is it any wonder that our bodies are not able to thrive, forcefeeding it empty nutrition over this short period of time?  Give it long enough and we will adapt, but I’m afraid of what we will evolve into. We are already seeing the effects with the rates of obesity and chronic disease.

Some say mass production of our food is progress and we are living longer and able to sustain our population.  At what cost?  We may be living longer but are we living better?  In order to combat our choices with lifestyle what recourse do we have but be at the whim of pharmaceuticals and big agriculture?

The typical day is spent sitting at a desk for 8+ hours, commuting for another hour plus, getting home and eating dinner and then sitting in front of the television with a snack.  Having difficulty getting to sleep because we aren’t able to turn off all the noise from the day and the hundreds of things on our to do list for tomorrow.  Get 5-6 hrs of sleep, skip breakfast and get on the road for the long commute.  Tell me some or most of this doesn’t apply to you.

Our bodies were designed to move and eat nutritious foods.  The purpose of this blog is to help get through this muck and help you find these truths so you can realize how great life can be.  Stay with me and let’s work through this together.